Data Science, Analytics and Visualization

Bachelor of Science

About Our Program

The Data Science, Analytics and Visualization program is about preparing graduates for the data revolution that is occurring in every sector of the economy. Data Science is a fastest growing sector in computer science with millions of emerging jobs. That’s why we developed Hawaii’s first B.S. Data Science Analytics and Visualization degree. An exceptional technical foundation is paired with an emphasis on data ethics and communication. Tailored programs allow you to specialize in business analytics, healthcare informatics, environmental analytics or S&T analytics. A graduate will be indispensable to a wide variety of employer organizations who need to leverage data to advance their missions. Your pre-graduation internships and real-world projects with big business, small business, agencies and community organizations will connect you to your future employers. Experiences in the program include:

  • Tailored curriculum ready for the era of ‘big data’
    • Master Python, R, ai, SQL and machine learning
    • Prediction, forecasting, analytics and visualization
    • Data ethics, data journalism, communication and decision support
    • Specialize in data analytics for business, healthcare, environmental science or S&T
    • Immerse yourself cutting edge cyberinfrastructure, ai and VR learning environments
  • World-class faculty members with real-world, data science backgrounds and research programs
  • National and international partnerships including Texas Advanced Computing Center, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and Air Force Research Labs
  • Internships and capstone projects that address real-world problems in collaboration with stakeholders from big business, small business, agencies and community organizations across Hawaii