Undergraduate Programs


The biology program recognizes that biology is the fundamental and applied study of the processes that define life at the molecular, cellular, organismal, system and ecosystem levels.



The biochemistry program recognizes that chemistry is the “central science” and that biochemical processes are essential to life on our planet.

Data Science, Analytics and Visualization

The Data Science, Analytics and Visualization program is about preparing graduates for the data revolution that is occurring in every sector of the economy. Data Science is the fastest growing sector in computer science with millions of emerging jobs.

Environmental Studies

Our multi-disciplinary approach allows students to examine environmental issues from a variety of perspectives, including policy and law, ethics and values, science and economics.

Forensic Sciences

To provide students with the skills to advance justice through the application of science and technology.

Prospective Students

We offer a variety of learning opportunities to tailor an environment that fits your needs.  Students who are interested in a traditional, campus-based, four-year program are encouraged to apply through the Admissions Office.  Students who wish to pursue an a degree through online, evening and hybrid courses are should apply through the PACE Undergraduate Program.  Please note that certain majors are only offered in select formats.

Day Undergraduate Programs

Majors Offered

  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Forensic Sciences
  • Environmental Studies

Program Characteristics

  • Campus-based, day courses
  • Two semesters per year