Chaminade science majors are demanding and content heavy. Nevertheless, many of our students find time to pursue a minor – which is great resume building and can strengthen your preparation for standardized test such as MCAT and GRE.

Some of the popular minors for science students are:



Chaminade offers a combined math/physics minor, requiring just two upper division courses in each. This minor allows students with a strong aptitude in math to develop some advanced concepts, and demonstrate a level of intellectual depth to prospective employers. The Physics component has an applied math bias, allowing the application of mathematical concepts to deepen understanding of the physical nature of the universe and application of math to real world problems.


Chemistry is a popular minor among biologists and forensics students. For biologists, the chemistry minor provides the opportunity to delve into specialized and advances areas such as pharmacology and natural products chemistry. For forensic scientists, a chemistry minor can support future work on trace evidence and toxicology.

Psychology/Behavioral Sciences

A psychology minor is very supportive of the science majors. For example, along with the Chaminade’s extensive Gen Ed it can support the behavioral science aspects of the MCAT15, and it offers future healthcare professionals early development in the psychosocial aspects of medicine.

Environmental Studies

Many of our biology students are seeking careers in environmental science, ecology and conservation biology. The strong focus of the Environmental Studies minor on policy and environmental law compliments these career goals.