Your Catalog

The university catalog is the most important resource you have. While four-year plans are guidelines, the Catalog represents the contract between you and the University as to your degree requirements. Consult the Catalog to find out your requirements, pre-requisites and more degree information.

Faculty Advisors

Chaminade offers two levels of advising. Only faculty advisors (those within the department of your major) can provide you with major-specific information, schedule your major courses, and negotiate waivers. They are responsible for your progress through the major and they have the intimate knowledge of curriculum and requirements that is needed to keep you on track. All NSM majors have pre-registration holds: i.e. you cannot register each semester without the approval of your faculty advisor. As subject matter experts they can provide career development advice, tutoring and intellectual mentoring. Their letters of recommendation will be key to your post-graduate success. The second level of advising (for specific career paths and the General Education Core) works in concert with the faculty advisor to achieve the goals you have laid out.

How to get a faculty advisor?

Fill out a Declaration of Major Form and turn it in to the NSM Office (WSC115 or OR Academic Advising (CTCC 250). You will be matched with an advisor according to the major and track that you specify on this form.

Who is my advisor?

If you have already filled a declaration form then you advisor assignment should be visible on the student portal. Our NSM faculty directory can show you where to find your advisor’s office.

NSM Student Resource Center

  • Located in Wesselkamper Science Center (room 105)
  • Faculty and Responsibilities
    • Dr. Jolene Cogbill: Undergraduate Research, coordinates student research internships and liaise with external programs
    • Dr. Chrystie Naeole: Letters of recommendation, diversity and equity support